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Lombardo Associates, Inc. is an environmental consulting and engineering firm specializing in the development and implementation of creative solutions to water and wastewater management challenges for municipal, commercial and industrial clients. We have over thirty-five years' experience and have received national recognition for our work in the e nvironmental engineering field. Our philosophy is to be sensitive and responsive to each client's needs by developing solutions which are tailored to each situation. We do not believe in giving clients standard textbook solutions. Instead, we rigorously apply the classic engineering approach of:

  • thoroughly defining the situation
  • identifying the full range of solutions
  • evaluating each viable alternative from technical, economic and non-economic perspectives.

As a result of our commitment to finding the best possible solution for each situation, Lombardo Associates has achieved a reputation for leadership in the environmental engineering field.

At Lombardo Associates, innovation means combining a variety of proven engineering and scientific techniques into unique solutions that result in optimal wastewater/water management. We are noted for finding solutions and obtaining project approvals where others have failed and integrating growth management and community issues. We are also known for developing solutions that cost less to construct and operate than conventional methods, while still achieving optimal environment protection.

We provide a wide range of services, including engineering feasibility studies, traditional engineering services, and the turnkey services of designing, building, owning/financing, and operating wastewater and water facilities.


Some of Lombardo Associates' accomplishments include the following:

  • Since 1976, served as Engineer of Record for over $200 million worth of innovative wastewater and water projects in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, Texas and California.
  • Served as Engineer of Record, Wastewater Management System, Mayo, MD:A six-year, $60 million project including constructed wetlands and UV disinfection for wastewater treatment serving 2,500 connections. The project received national engineering excellence awards for its many innovations.
  • Developed and implemented decentralized wastewater projects throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. Since 1980, Lombardo Associates has engineered constructed wetlands and community septic systems, and has used UV disinfection for water and wastewater applications for municipal and private clients.
  • Developed and implemented decentralized wastewater projects throughout FL and California. Since 1980, Lombardo Associates has engineered constructed wetlands and community septic systems, and has used UV disinfection for water and wastewater applications for municipal and private clients
  • Consultant to the US EPA on alternative wastewater management systems and co-authored EPA publications on "Alternative Wastewater Management Systems", Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment.
  • Experienced in turnkey operations and privatization of water and wastewater facilities. Intimately involved in the ownership structure of projects entailing equity and debt considerations.
  • Engineered No Discharge wastewater systems, in which all wastewater and roof runoff is beneficially reused.



Pio Lombardo

Pio Lombardo, PE, has over 35 years of experience in management and environmental engineering leadership, specializing in the areas of water, wastewater, water conservation and hazardous waste remediation. During his career, Mr. Lombardo has provided consulting services on decentralized wastewater issues to the US EPA, and has been the Engineer of Record for water and wastewater engineering projects with capital costs totaling over $200 million.

For 15 years, Mr. Lombardo held senior executive positions, providing leadership, consulting and strategic planning to top national environmental and engineering firms including Wheelabrator, Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Groundwater Technology and Dames & Moore. Mr. Lombardo was Vice President of Client Services for Wheelabrator's water and wastewater privatization and contract operation efforts throughout North America.

Mr. Lombardo was the recipient of the prestigious American Consulting Engineer's Council Engineering Excellence Award, and an Engineering News Record Construction Man of the Year candidate award, and was designated an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.


Professional Engineer: Registered in 30+ States, Massachusetts Certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (6-C)


  • MS Environmental Engineering, University of Washington, 1971
  • BS Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, 1969, cum laude
  • Executive Education, Harvard Business School, 1991


  • Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society
  • Water Environment Federation
  • American Water Works Association
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Academy of Environmental Engineers - Diplomate