Representative Experience

National Recognition

Lombardo Associates, Inc. is nationally recognized for its decentralized wastewater management experience. Notable achievements are:

  • American Consulting Engineers Council Engineering excellence award for the Mayo, MD decentralized wastewater management project.
  • Selected by Engineering News Record as a Construction Man of the Year candidate for the Mayo, MD decentralized wastewater management project.
  • Technical reviewer of the EPA Manual Constructed Wetlands Treatment of Municipal Wastewaters, published September 2000.
  • Contributor and technical reviewer of the EPA On-Site Wastewater Management Manual, published winter 2000.
  • Chair of the Water Environment Federation (WEF) Small Community Committee
  • Engineer of Record for $200+ million of decentralized wastewater systems throughout the United States.
  • Consultant to the US EPA on decentralized wastewater issues since 1976.
  • Consultant to the Small Flows Clearinghouse at West Virginia University on decentralized wastewater issues since early 1980s
  • Invited speaker at national conferences on decentralized wastewater management

Alternative Wastewater Management Plans

In addition to engineering installed systems, Lombardo Associates has been the Engineer of Record in the preparation of Alternative Wastewater, Water and Wastewater Residuals (septage) Management Plans for numerous municipal, commercial and industrial projects.

Representative projects include:

Arizona Superstition Sunrise RV Resort, Motorola
Arkansas City of Eureka Springs; Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, Alcoa
California Soboroff Partners; Schmitz Associates; Richard Meier & Partners – architects; Malibu Bay Company; Malibu Colony; Merced County; City of Richmond, Malibu Whole Foods; McDonalds – Cajons Pass & Malibu, Chevron, Jasper Hawkins Architects
Colorado Confidential Mining Company
Connecticut Evangelical Christian Center, Towns of Old Lyme & Haddam, New Milford Plaza – Berenson Associates
Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Florida Leon County, Lakewood Ranch – Sarasota, FL Dept. of Health, Sarasota County, General Development Corporation, Champion Paper, Johnson & Johnson
Georgia Hall County
Illinois Sterling Capital, McHenry County
Maryland Anne Arundel County, Multiple private clients, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Massachusetts Towns of Barnstable, Falmouth, Freetown, Hamilton, Hingham, Holliston, Lincoln, Mashpee, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Swansea, Weston, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, Companies - Marriott, New England Realty Associates, Cape Cod Village Condominium Association, textile company (confidential), Towns of Sherborn, Wellfleet, Martha’s Vineyard Towns of Oak Bluffs and Tisbury, Private clients on Nantucket, Trustees of Little Neck - Ipswich
Mexico Confidential municipal wastewater concession
Nevada Washoe County
New Jersey Bass River Township, Burlington County, Johnson & Johnson, New Jersey Pinelands Commission, Sussex County
New York Towns of East Hampton, Oriskany Falls, Southampton, Woodstock, Village of East Hampton, Suffolk County DPW, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Rechler Equity, Jay Jacobs TLC Family of Camps, Marc Rowan Apollo Management, Friends of Georgica Pond, Peconic Baykeeper, Trout Unlimited, Private-confidential Sod Farm; Little Fresh Pond Association – Southampton; Konner Development, Jenkins Senior Living center
North Carolina Carteret County Board of Education
Pennsylvania Johnson & Johnson, Springfield Township
Puerto Rico Confidential pharmaceutical company
Rhode Island Town of Portsmouth, City of Pawtucket, private clients in Jamestown & South Kingstown, Town of South Kingstown, RI, Projects for the Environment
US EPA Washington & Cincinnati; National Water Resources Capacity Development Project; Small Flows Clearinghouse
Vermont Woodstock Inn
Virginia Private clients in Chincoteague and Virginia Beach
West Virginia New Haven District for Village of Winona; Fayette County, Monongolia County, Small Flows Clearinghouse, Canaan Valley Institute

Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plans

Representative projects include:

  1. Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan – Concord, MA

    Lombardo Associates was the engineering consultant for the Town of Concord’s Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan. The project consists of developing a parcel-by-parcel analysis of the Town’s wastewater management needs. Information on the Town’s natural resources and wastewater management practices was utilized in a GIS framework to define wastewater management needs and those areas that can be served with on-site solutions vs. those requiring offsite. An assessment of the existing wastewater collection, treatment and disposal system was performed.

    Existing problems were defined into various categories of causes, i.e. likely to fail property transfer, inadequate treatment, etc. Alternative solutions for the various problem areas were developed along with a financing and implementation plan. Areas that utilize on-site systems as a long tern strategy and those requiring off-site solutions were defined.

  2. Comprehensive Wastewater and Water Supply Management Plan – Wellfleet, MA

    Lombardo Associates was the wastewater engineering consultant for a comprehensive wastewater and water supply management plan that addressed the issues for this resort Town on Cape Cod. A lot by lot analysis was performed by Lombardo Associates that identified which lots required off-site solutions and which lots could be served with on-site systems. Water quality impacts of current practices and the various alternative solution approaches were addressed. The wastewater plan was integrated with the water supply plans for the Town. The recommended plan consisted of an alternative collection system for the downtown commercial area, small cluster systems in parts of the Town and reliance on on-site septic systems for a large percentage of the town. Funding options were identified to develop alternative user charges.

  3. County Decentralized Wastewater Management Plan – Hall County, GA

    Lombardo Associates prepared a decentralized wastewater management plan for this rapidly growing County north of Atlanta. Demonstration of decentralized wastewater systems for a limited number of households is planned after completion of the Master Plan. The entire County is a water supply watershed for the area, including Atlanta, and Lake Lanier is a major water supply reservoir and recreational resource in the County. Water quality protection and addressing the needs of the 30% growth in the past decade and projected 50% growth in the next 20 years are the major project issues. The project was funded by the National Small Flows Clearinghouse at West Virginia University.

  4. USEPA Manual: "Wastewater Management Planning for Small Communities"

    Lombardo Associates was the engineering consultant for the leading process manual developed by US EPA that presented the detailed integrated approach for small community wastewater management planning – which is achieved by optimizing the integration of decentralized wastewater systems. The components of the process were explicitly defined and consisted of Problem Definition, Environmental Considerations, thorough Alternatives Knowledge and Consideration, Alternative Strategies Development and comparison, Selection Process through public participation, Implementation Plan.

    Product: US EPA publication "Wastewater Management Planning for Small Communities", Publication Number EPA – 600/8-80-030

    Additional US EPA Publications prepared by Lombardo Associates:

    • US EPA Septage Treatment and Disposal Manual (EPA-625/6-84-009)
    • A Guidebook for Local Officials on Small Community Wastewater Management Options
    • Principal Participant in nationwide seminars on development and implementation of alternative decentralized wastewater management systems.

    Prepared a number of seminar publications (distributed by US EPA Small Flows Clearinghouse, Morgantown, West Virginia) on topics including:

    • Financial Analysis
    • Technology Choices and Integration
    • Implementation Issues – Financing, User Charge and Institutional
    • US EPA, "It's Your Choice, A Guidebook for Local Officials on Small Community Wastewater Management Options", (EPA-625/9-87-006)
    • US EPA Manual Constructed Wetlands Treatment of Municipal Wastewaters (EPA\625\R-99\010), 2000
    • US EPA On-Site Wastewater Management Design Manual, 2001
  5. Integrated Decentralized Wastewater Management Facilities Plan – Holliston, MA

    Lombardo Associates prepared an extensive integrated decentralized wastewater plan for the Town of Holliston, MA. The plan consisted of:

    • Centralized collection, treatment and disposal facilities for the downtown area (appropriately 125,000 gpd);
    • Numerous (seven) cluster systems serving problem areas throughout the Town – solutions of septic tank effluent collection to cluster leachfields;
    • On-site septic maintenance for the remainder of Town – repair of existing problems and on-going maintenance for all on-site systems.
    • The US EPA contracted with Lombardo Associates to have a generic version of the Holliston Plan be its US EPA Model Facility Plan.
  6. Integrated Decentralized Wastewater Management Master Plan –Mayo, MD

    Lombardo Associates prepared an integrated wastewater decentralized wastewater management Master Plan for the Mayo Peninsula area of Anne Arundel County, MD. The Plan served a 9 square mile area adjacent to Annapolis, MD with a population of approximately 8,000, where integration of growth management and addressing community character concerns was a key issue.

    The Plan consisted of:
    • Centralized collection (40 miles of septic tank effluent system – 50% gravity), treatment (recirculating sand filters, constructed bulrush wetland, constructed peat wetland, UV disinfection – build out capacity of 0.9 MGD) and disposal facilities (discharge to Chesapeake Bay) for approximately 2,200 connections;
    • A cluster septic tank effluent collection to leachfield system serving 78 connections;
    • On-site septic district for the remainder 80 properties– repair of existing problems and ongoing maintenance
    The Plan was:
    • Overwhelmingly approved by the local residents through an extensive public participation program – 11 sub areas with representatives from each area
    • Integrated with the Planning Department’s approval process, with numerous County Council actions taken to address implementation issues
    • Implemented at a capital cost of approximately $ 60 million.
    • Received American Consulting Engineers Council Engineering Excellence Awards from local and National chapters
    • Basis for Tom Neel, Director of Anne Arundel County Dept. of Utilities, and Pio Lombardo, P.E.., Engineer-of-Record, being selected by Engineering News Record as Construction Man of the Year candidates.
    • Basis for subsequent Lombardo prepared Master Plan for Anne Arundel County Wide (approximately 25,000 systems) On-Site Wastewater Management Utility.
  7. Integrated Decentralized Wastewater Management Master Plan – Woodstock, NY

    Lombardo Associates prepared and engineered the implementation of an integrated, decentralized wastewater management Master Plan for the Town of Woodstock, New York. The Plan consisted of:

    • Hamlet Wastewater Management District with a centralized (septic tank effluent collection and aquaculture treatment – UV disinfection system with river discharge) wastewater system for the 460 connections
    • Three On-site Wastewater Management Districts
    • The Hamlet Plan was overwhelmingly accepted by referendum (7-1 vote) and 2 of the 3 districts established – first On-site Wastewater Management Districts in New York State. The implemented systems, at a capital cost of approximately $ 14 million, were:
    • Hamlet septic tank effluent collection (with a 2 mile siphon), oxidation ditch, UV disinfection and River discharge.
    • Repair of 200 residential and commercial on-site wastewater systems using a combination of conventional and innovative systems (predominately sand filters-leachfields and mounds) in individual and cluster formats. Use of innovative contracting techniques were employed.

Integrated Decentralized Wastewater Management - Facility Plans

Lombardo Associates, Inc. has prepared Alternative Studies and Decentralized Wastewater Management Facilities Plans for the following communities:

  • Holliston, MA
  • Burlington County, New Jersey
  • Rehoboth, MA
  • Middlebridge Area of South Kingstown, RI
  • Pinelands, New Jersey
  • Monongalia County, West Virginia
  • Hingham, MA
  • Freetown, MA
  • Wellfleet, MA
  • Mashpee, MA

Engineered Cluster Wastewater Systems include:

  • Bass River, New Jersey - capital cost $ 1.4 million for 96 homes
  • Oriskany Falls, New York – capital cost of $ 4 million for 300+ connections plus a large industrial user
  • Red Lily Pond, Barnstable, MA – 32 connections – grinder pump to community leachfield


  • Water quality River Basin studies for the South Platte River (Denver) and Green River (Seattle metropolitan area) watersheds
  • Water quality studies for Green and Pass Lakes, Washington
  • Delaware Estuary study - impact of industrial discharge
  • Mousam River, Maine - impact of industrial discharge


  • Brockton, MA area
  • Cape Cod, MA
  • Lowell, MA area


  • Impact of CSOs on sediment quality - New York & New Jersey metropolitan area
  • Invited Review Team member for Boston metropolitan area combined sewer overflow management project


  • Paper Industry
    • Water Use Analysis, Kraft Pulp Mill, Weyerhauser Company, Cosmopolis, Washington.
    • Evaluation of Alternative Wastewater Treatment Systems for 27 MGD Pulp Mill, Champion Paper, Cantonement, FL.
  • Refineries and Petroleum Contamination
    • Remediation of petroleum contaminated soils by bioremediation, Shell Refinery, Montreal, Quebec.
    • Water Resources Impact Evaluations for Refineries in New Jersey (existing) and Maine (proposed).
    • Management of Multi (35) Site UST Remediation Program in Michigan, Mobil.
    • Evaluation of Peat Wetlands for Refinery Wastewater Treatment, Chevron, Richmond, CA.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Wastewater and Stormwater Management Plan – Evaluation of Alternatives and Preliminary Design, Johnson & Johnson, Skillman, NJ.
    • Water Conservation and Wastewater Management Plan, Johnson & Johnson, Fort Washington, PA.
    • Water Conservation and Wastewater Reuse Evaluation at three Pharmaceutical Facilities, Confidential Client, Puerto Rico.
    • Water Conservation and Wastewater Reuse Opportunities Assessment Procedure, invited speaker to Johnson & Johnson Worldwide Environmental Management Seminar.
  • Miscellaneous Industry
  • Miscellaneous – Textile, Power Production, Mining
  • Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Opportunities at Textile Mill, Confidential Client.
  • Evaluation of the Use of Constructed Wetlands for Acid Mine Drainage Treatment, ALCOA and confidential client in Colorado.
  • Water Resources Impact Evaluation of Power Plant, confidential client, MA.
  • Groundwater Remediation (pump & treat with air stripping and carbon absorption) for TCE contamination, Varian Associates, Beverly, MA.
  • Soil Vapor Extraction projects for VOC and petroleum contaminated soils, Xerox, Conoco and others.
  • PCB Remediation Plan for Contaminated Railroad Property, AMTRAK, Paoli, PA.
  • Evaluation of Treated Wastewater for Cooling Tower Make-Up Waters at 22 MW Cogeneration Facility, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA.


Lombardo Associates, Inc. (LAI) has extensive experience with financing and business management of environmental projects. Typical projects/experiences have been,

  • $84 million Water Supply Project in Sarasota Florida Engineer's Letter for the Bond Prospectus, working with Smith Barney and AMBAC.
  • > $100 million of Wastewater Systems for Municipal and Private Clients in New York, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Engineer's Letter for Bond and Revenue Anticipation Notes and Permanent Tax Free Bonds. As Engineer-of-Record, responsible for scope, budget and schedule of projects.
  • Preparation of Business Plan for wastewater equipment company to provide Design, Build, Own and Operate Services to supplement equipment sales.
  • Identification and Evaluation of US Teaming Partners for International Water Fountain Projects.
  • Evaluation of Business Strategy for Water Performance Contracting Services Business Unit.
  • Financing Evaluation of $ 60 million Design, Build, Own and Operate wastewater project in Arizona.
  • Creation and management of 55 person nationally acclaimed environmental engineering business.
  • Operations management of Business Units with annual revenues in excess of $15 million,
  • Strategic planning for $150 million annual revenue environmental services company.
  • Direct Report to CEOs of international environmental engineering/services firms with annual revenues greater than $200 million.
  • $125 million Bonds- Engineer’s Letter for properties for new 25 MGD Water Treatment Plant.


Lombardo Associates, Inc. (LAI) has been the Chief Engineer assisting municipalities procure DBO services for:

  • $125 million, 25 MGD Water Treatment Plant and distribution system improvements, Pawtucket, RI Water Supply Board.
  • $60 million, 16 MGD Water Treatment Plant upgrade and Wastewater collection system improvements, Richmond, CA.