National Recognition for Excellence

Lombardo Associates is a recipient of the prestigious American Consulting Engineer's Council Engineering Excellence Award, and an Engineering News Record Construction Man of the Year candidate award, and was designated an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

Following are excerpts from representative letters of recommendation:

"You (Pio Lombardo) and your team did an absolutely magnificent job that will be long remembered by all of us as the standard against which all such efforts will be measured."
Selectman Richard Wheeler
Town of Concord, MA

"It is relevant to note that the alternative system recommended by Lombardo Associates was not identified by previous engineering studies and was more cost-effective than the previously proposed conventional system."
John Brandt
Board of Sewer Commissioners
Hingham, MA

"We were impressed with Mr. Lombardo's technical knowledge, depth of experience, professional integrity, and customer service. I am looking forward to working with him on future projects."
Sandy Yee
Manager, Water/Wastewater Programs
Johnson & Johnson
Worldwide Environmental Affairs

"Mr. Lombardo demonstrated a strong command of wastewater and business management issues as he constantly sought opportunities in projects that would produce value for the customer. ...Mr. Lombardo revealed his strong insights with innovative wastewater systems which allowed him to evaluate and develop unique wastewater management solutions."
John M. Kehoe, Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc.
Hampton, NH

"I consider Pio to be one of the pre-eminent national figures in the area of wastewater management. Pio has a thorough grasp of all technological and business issues and solutions in the field of wastewater treatment. This knowledge forms the solid foundation for his work. What is unique is that he can apply technology with a sure and far reaching vision that is rare in the field of engineering. One only needs to examine some of his past projects to gain an understanding of this outstanding skill."
Randy May
Bureau of Waste Management
Department of Environmental Protection
State of Connecticut
Hartford, CT

"Lombardo Associates was able to convince... [the Town of Woodstock] that realistic and economical solutions were available. ...[Lombardo Associates] worked effectively with three Citizens Advisory Committees... almost every problem involved with this project concerning the various levels of governmental agencies was anticipated by Pio and his staff. I recommend Lombardo Associates to any community with a serious environmental problem."
Richard W. Nixdorf
Citizens Construction Advisory Committee
Woodstock, NY

"I most heartily endorse Pio Lombardo in any role for an alternative [wastewater management] technology concept or project with local and regional governments."
James Kreissl
US Environmental Protection Agency
Cincinnati, OH

"[Lombardo Associates] did an excellent job in leading such a diverse group as our committee to a common decision.
Ralph Goneau
Citizens Advisory Committee
Woodstock, NY

"Mr. Lombardo has advocated (and subsequently successfully implemented) the use of tailored (i.e. appropriate) wastewater management solutions for communities because these systems are lower cost, environmentally compatible and simple to operate. The quality of his work is best exemplified by the recognition of his peers through his receipt of national Engineering Excellence awards. Pio is a man of unique competence in wastewater management matters."
John Briscoe
Former Senior Water Advisor
World Bank

Currently, Professor
Harvard University

"Accessibility to Township residents as well as Township officials throughout the study process was invaluable, as excellent communication alleviated many potential misunderstandings."
Floyd West
Bass River Township
New Gretna, NJ

"[Lombardo Associates] demonstrated prompt and efficient business practices in the preparation of all requested information and completed necessary changes in the same manner."
Joseph E. Kun
Monongolia County Commission
Morgantown, WV

"Of all the environmental engineers we talked with, it was Mr. Lombardo who proposed the innovative procedure...for the Towns of Seekonk, Rehoboth, and Swansea."
Michael Lindbloom
Board of Selectmen
Rehoboth, MA

"You took the time to identify Varian's concerns ...and you ensured actions were identified and implemented to address them. You enhanced the level of communication and improved the documentation for work being performed.
...Thank you for your customer-focused approach."

Denise Kato
Corporate Environmental Engineer
Varian Associates, Inc.
Corporate Environmental Affairs
Palo Alto, CA

"We have found Mr. Lombardo to be a competent engineer... to have a political and public relations sensitivity that is unique in his profession....What sets Mr. Lombardo apart is his ability to develop an engineering solution to a problem that is tailored to the specific needs of the project at hand."
Thomas C. McRae
Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
Little Rock, AR

"Mr. Lombardo has consistently pursued innovative and environmentally protective wastewater plans."
Esther Snyder
Executive Director
Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod
Orleans, MA

“Thanks forthe on-going "get it done", "whatever it takes to deliver a quality product" approach.  I feel very fortunate to have you as my colleague on the (new 25 MGD Water Treatment Plant and distribution system rehabilitation) project !”
Paul Eisenhardt
The Eisenhardt Group
San Francisco, CA